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Sanitary, technological and operational standards

Projection works must take into account all legal regulations regarding air conditioning and ventilation. Only in strict compliance with them an opportunity to talk about a clear, smooth operation and long operating life . In this context, distinguish the following conditions are required to be provided :

According to sanitary standards conditioning and ventilation systems should:

  • Ensure optimal indoor climate , ie maintain a comfortable temperature, humidity, air quality ;
  • Have minimized the noise level , which is not an obstacle to finding a person in the room;
  • Exclude “dangerous” areas with uncontrolled high airflow that ensures proper design of system components ;
  • Isolation from neighboring premises odors and substances.

According to performance standards conditioning and ventilation systems should:

  • Eliminating deadlock . When you turn off one air conditioner system , others can operate as usual . This may also include elements of full autonomy , individual temperature settings in each room;
  • Have the ability to quickly adapt , according to the established work settings ;
  • Undergo periodic monitoring compliance and service.

According to the installation and construction standards conditioning and ventilation systems should:

  • Exclude violation interior concept , minimize prominent work items and consistent with the overall architectural design of the building;
  • Occupy the most compact area not located in close proximity to doorways and jobs, in order not to have difficulty of movement;
  • Commissioning and installation work must be carried out as much as possible in the short term;
  • Provide vibration and sound insulation in the process conform to fire regulations.

Monitoring the implementation of the above items is paramount falls on the artist (contractor) responsible for the installation and design. Later this concern on the shoulders of the relevant department of the customer.

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