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Privacy Policy

We ensure that all details that we collect about our customers are kept safe and private. This Privacy Policy describes how the Khladotekhnika website collects and protects the personal details you provide us with.

Whenever we attempt to collect information about the customer, we send them a notification. In such a way, the customer may feel safe while browsing our collections and ordering services from the Khladotekhnika website.

Please, make sure that you read through the privacy policy carefully to avoid any kind of misunderstanding with the website’s administration.

We mainly need our customers’ personal details to define their identity when they place an order on our website. The customer’s personal information may be used when he/she gives us consent to provide our customers with a personalized experience on our website.

The information we collect about our customers may be accessed by: 

  • The Khladotekhnika website staff who need to perform their tasks and duties; 
  • Third parties who have a legitimate purpose for accessing it.

Customer’s details may be shared with third parties in the following cases:

  • The customer consents to the disclosure.
  • We need to protect our rights or comply with a judicial proceeding.

We may collect our customer’s personal details for the reasons that include: 

  • Making the Khladotekhnika website more usable;
  • Improving the quality of our products.

To protect customers’ personal details, we apply certain measures to protect it against unauthorized usage, loss, or leaks.

The Khladotekhnika website uses cookies to analyze user behavior and gather information about the user base. A cookie is a small file placed on a customer’s device when he/she visits our website. Customers can eliminate cookies in their browser settings. By doing so, they limit certain features on our website. 

  • Using traffic log cookies, we analyze what pages are the most popular among our customers. We need such information to adjust the design and functionality of our website according to the customers’ needs. 
  • Cookies let us deliver a better user experience since we will see what pages you find to be the most useful. 
  • By rejecting cookies, you will not be able to enjoy a fully personalized web browsing experience. You can allow cookies in your web browser whenever you wish. 
  • If you click on a link that directs to another website, please mind that we do not control how other web resources use customers’ personal information. Treat them with caution and check their privacy policy before you decide to share your details.

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