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Energy-saving technologies

Energy saving

In the modern world, the issue of efficient consumption of energy resources and reducing dependence on fossil energy sources is particularly acute today.

Each extra kilowatt-hour of electricity is a heavy burden on the costs of any type of enterprise, which leads to a decrease in its competitiveness.

The primary step in solving this task should be the general reduction of energy consumption by increasing the energy efficiency of equipment, choosing optimal solutions for engineering systems, and implementing a set of energy-saving measures.

Our company always offers its customers a comprehensive approach in the development of an engineering solution for one or another task, which allows to achieve maximum energy efficiency with minimal capital costs.

In our developments, we apply the advanced developments of the world’s leading companies, and we confirm the effectiveness of the proposed solutions with appropriate calculations of the economic effect and payback periods.

Енергозберігаючі технології

There are the following energy-saving measures that we use in industrial refrigeration and comfort air conditioning systems:


Freecooling is the technology of cooling the cooler with the help of “natural cold” – cold outside air.

Freecooling plays an extremely relevant role in the era of energy saving, as it allows you to significantly reduce the cost of electricity for cooling the coolant in the cold season at those facilities where cooling is required all year round (industrial enterprises, server, data centers, etc.).

The higher the required temperature of the refrigerant, the wider the period of application of freecooling and, accordingly, the more tangible the economic effect and the shorter the payback period of capital investments for its implementation.

Freecooling systems were implemented by us and are successfully operated at such enterprises as “Sandora Pepsico” (Mykolaiv), “Bashtanskyi Syrzavod” (Bashtanka) and others.


Trigeneration is the process of joint production of three types of energy at once: electricity, heat and cold. Natural gas, diesel and other fossil fuels can be used as fuel.

Trigeneration is a further development of cogeneration –

The meaning of trigeneration is that during the direct production of electrical energy, it is possible to dispose of unusable heat from electricity generators to solve two tasks:

1) heat supply (for heating and domestic hot water) – by direct heating of the coolant in waste heat exchangers;

2) cooling supply (for the needs of technological processes, VKV) – with the help of heat-using absorption type refrigerating machines.

The combined production of electric, thermal and cooling energy (trigeneration) represents today one of the most modern technological solutions in terms of increasing energy efficiency and solving environmental problems.

Our company developed an absorption refrigeration system as part of the first three-generation complex in Ukraine at the “Sandora Pepsico” enterprise (Mykolaiv).

Сандора PepsiCo

Utilization of condensation heat

During the operation of any refrigeration equipment, whether it is a hotel air conditioning system or a refrigeration unit of a freezer, a significant amount of heat is released, which, as a rule, is released into the atmosphere in the form of unusable.

A minor intervention in the refrigeration circuit allows you to use this unusable heat “for good”: for example, to heat water for the needs of domestic hot water or the heating system, to heat the supply air of the ventilation system, etc.

Thus, a slight increase in the price of the refrigerating unit due to the addition of additional components of the heat recovery system allows you to obtain a virtually “free” source of heat for various needs and, thus, significantly reduce the operational costs of the facility in general.

Additional capital costs for the implementation of a heat recovery system for obtaining hot water have an average payback period, in our experience, of no more than 2 years, and in the future bring significant savings to the owner of the object for many years.

Condensation heat utilization is used by us at many facilities: “Bashtansky cheese factory” (Bashtanka), “Polyana Kazok” camping (Yalta), beer restaurant “Fabrikant” (Yalta, Simferopol) and others.

Extraction heat recovery

Heat treatment of supply air (heating in the cold season and cooling in the warm season) in the air conditioning and supply-exhaust ventilation systems of modern buildings is associated with significant energy consumption.

The best way to reduce these energy costs is to use recuperative heat exchangers, which allow heat to be transferred from the exhaust air to the supply air in the winter and vice versa in the summer.

Recovery efficiency ranges from 40 to 70% for plate-type recuperators and from 60 to 85% for rotary-type recuperators.

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