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Industrial cooling

We offer comprehensive solutions for industrial cooling needs. It can be cooling for the technological needs of processing industry enterprises, distribution centers or product storage chambers.
The growing demand to save energy and reduce environmental impact naturally means that we offer cooling solutions with the best energy efficiency and using modern refrigerants with minimal global warming potential (GWP).

What is "industrial cold"?

Industrial refrigeration (or process refrigeration) is needed in many industries, from food and beverage production to industrial pharmaceutical production. To ensure the quality of the process in factories and industrial enterprises, it is very important to maintain the correct temperature for a long time. With the correct design of the cooling system, not only the correct temperature with high maintenance accuracy is ensured, but also reliability, which is a necessary condition for maintaining high production productivity. Increasing the cooling rate by lowering the temperature can increase performance if needed.

We will be happy to help you consider all options and increase production productivity with optimal capital and operating costs.

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The best cooling system from Khladotekhnika

Cooling is what we do best. No matter what your process cooling needs are, we can tailor a solution that will be the most environmentally, capital and operating cost efficient for you.

We understand that it is extremely important to thoroughly understand your process and request for capacity expansion or reconstruction of existing production before we develop the most optimal solution for you.

Thanks to the precisely controlled temperature, our knowledge and our systems, you will get the functional and financial security of the cooling process in your business for many years. We will be there for you throughout the life of the system, if you wish.

What we offer:

  • individual development of an industrial cooling system that is best suited for your production;
  • reliably controlled temperature of the technological process during the entire service life of the object;
  • reliable warranty and post-warranty service support ensures uninterrupted production.

Cooling with constant correct temperature

Incorrect temperature or simply reduce the productivity and quality of your process, resulting in lower profitability. That’s why it’s critical to have a reliable, very reliable solution. We help you focus on your core business and technology solutions, always at the right temperature.

Own production of refrigeration equipment

We will develop and manufacture the refrigeration system, including its key nodes – for this we have our own production of refrigeration machines, pumping stations, automatic control and dispatching systems.

When manufacturing equipment, we use components from world leaders in the field of refrigeration.

In the development of aggregates, the most progressive circuit solutions are used. In particular, to achieve high efficiency indicators, we widely use frequency converters.
The ability of the refrigerating units of our production to work in various environmental conditions and in a wide range of loads makes them ideal for effective technological refrigeration supply.

Промисловий холод
Промисловий холод

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