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Marine and off-shore HVAC&R systems

Our company was founded and operates in the city of Mykolaiv, which has been known as the “City of shipbuilders” for over 200 years. Therefore, it is natural that the activity of our company is inextricably linked with shipbuilding for all the years of its existence.

Deeply understanding all the intricacies of ship systems and carefully adhering to the standards of the shipbuilding industry, we provide a full range of services in the design, manufacture and complete supply of equipment and materials for ship systems of air conditioning, ventilation and heating, as well as technological refrigeration. Installation and commissioning is also performed by our specialists.

Our team performs a thorough selection and completion of systems with equipment of our own design and from leading global manufacturers.

Our products

According to the needs of each project, we individually develop and manufacture marine autonomous air conditioners for living and office spaces, water chillers, refrigerating units for product storage chambers and refrigerated holds, refrigerated containers of non-standard sizes.

Кондиціювання та вентиляція повітря на суднах
Кондиціювання та вентиляція повітря на суднах

A distinctive feature of the autonomous air conditioners is their full automation, which eliminates the need for constant watchkeeping during operation.

The air conditioners are delivered in full factory readiness, allowing to reduce the time of installation and commissioning on board the vessel.

Provision stores can be equipped with both autonomous cooling units and a centralized system.

The required degree of equipment redundancy is always selected in consultation with the customer.

Кондиціювання та вентиляція повітря на суднах
Кондиціювання та вентиляція повітря на суднах

We have mastered the production of air-exhaust and air-intake devices for shipboard air conditioning and ventilation systems.

In particular, ship air distributors of several types: compact and low-noise for living quarters, low-magnetic version for wheelhouse, as well as special version for engine and boiler rooms.

Outdoor air inlets and outlets of our own production are also supplied: air- and watertight vent hatches with louvres, mushroom vent heads, deck and bulkhead goosenecks etc.

Galley exhaust umbrellas are designed and manufactured in accordance with the special conditions of their operation on the ship. A distinctive feature of exhaust umbrellas is the presence of a built-in multi-speed fan and a grease trap.


Ship ventilation systems of any purpose are equipped with a wide model range of centrifugal and axial fans, including intrinsically safe and explosion-proof versions that meet the requirements of international classification societies.

The design, manufacture, assembly and supply of circular spiral-folded and rectangular air ducts, a wide range of fittings, fire dampers, shut-off and regulating valves, silencers, filters, heat exchangers, nets and grills, elements of their fastening on the ship are carried out.

External intake and exhaust devices of our production meet the requirements of classification societies.

If necessary air ducts are covered with marine fire safety approved insulating materials.

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