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Comfort air conditioning

Comfortable air conditioning systems are designed to create and automatically maintain the temperature, relative humidity, cleanliness and speed of air movement that meet optimal sanitary and hygienic requirements.

Currently, all shopping, entertainment and business centers are saturated with a lot of heat-emitting equipment (office equipment, gaming machines, technological equipment of bowling alleys, cinemas, etc.), have dense glass units that do not let fresh air into the room, and the surfaces of external glazing let in a large amount of solar energy . These factors can negatively affect the ability to work, well-being and even health of a person during a long stay in such premises.

Therefore, modern buildings need artificial climate systems that create favorable conditions for people. A person consumes about 15 kg of air per day. The quality of this air and its parameters largely depend on comfortable air conditioning systems.

Our company performs design and installation work on equipping buildings of various purposes with comfortable air conditioning systems (offices, shopping and entertainment centers, hotels, fitness centers, residential buildings and cottages) throughout Ukraine.

When designing air conditioning and ventilation systems at each facility, we use an individual approach, the goal of which is to create the most effective, reliable and cost-effective system for the implementation of the task. To choose the optimal system for each specific case, several options for the device of air conditioning systems are considered.

The air conditioning system of small facilities is usually built on a freon air conditioning system with direct boiling of the refrigerant (freon) in the internal units of the air conditioners. The system consists of external and internal blocks interconnected by freon mains. Several indoor units can be connected to one outdoor unit, such systems are called multi-zone. Systems with direct cooling can work for cooling and for heating rooms (heat pump mode). Some modern systems can work in heat pump mode up to -20°C and even -25°C outside air temperature. This allows you to use these systems in the southern regions without the device of an additional heating system. But in many systems, operation in heating mode is limited to external temperatures of -7 … -15 ° C, so they require the parallel installation of a heating system or additional equipment for heaters (in the case of duct-type air conditioners).

For large objects with many rooms that require independent temperature regulation, air conditioning systems based on chiller-fan coil equipment are mainly used. The source of cold in such systems is a water-cooling machine (chiller). A chiller is a complete refrigerating machine designed to cool a liquid (water or non-freezing liquid). The cooled liquid is supplied to local air conditioners – fan coils by means of circulation pumps through the pipeline system. The fan coil is installed inside the serviced premises and is a unit that includes a filter, a water heat exchanger, a fan and a control panel. Fan coils (as well as internal units of freon systems) have various designs, which allows them to be used in any interior.

The chiller can work for heating in transitional periods of the year (execution with a heat pump).

The “chiller-fan coil” system is very convenient because it does not require the installation of a parallel heating system. If there is an autonomous boiler room in the building, the system with fan coils can work for heating, while the same fan coils, circulation pumps and pipeline system are used as for cooling the premises, only the water circulation does not go through the chiller, but through the boiler room (or heating station).

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Air heating (with fan coils) has significant advantages over radiator heating: units are more compact (due to forced blowing, the heat exchange surface is significantly smaller), the system is less inertial (the set temperature in the room is reached faster), the temperature of the heat carrier can be significantly lower (about 60…50°С ) instead of traditional 90/70°С in radiator heating.

Often (in luxury hotels, buildings with variable heat loads) there is a need for simultaneous cooling and heating of different rooms.

This task is solved by a device of a four-pipe system. Fan coils with two heat exchangers (cooler and heater) are supplied with coolant from the chiller and coolant from the boiler room in parallel, and the user selects the desired mode using the control panel.

This task is also solved by VRF systems with heat recovery. Such a system enables simultaneous operation in heating and cooling mode in rooms with different temperature loads. The system is year-round and has high energy efficiency: in certain operating modes, more than 5 kW of heat or cold is generated for every 1 kW of electricity consumed.

For a comfortable stay of a person in the room, in addition to the set temperature and relative humidity, it is also necessary to maintain the cleanliness of the air. This task is especially relevant in rooms without natural ventilation, in rooms with a mass presence of people, with the release of odors, etc.

For this purpose, modern houses are equipped with systems of forced air supply and exhaust ventilation.

Ventilation systems can be combined with air conditioning systems, i.e. one unit, equipped with additional automation, can solve the task of air conditioning and ventilation (for example, a ducted air conditioner). This option is common in VKV stores, restaurants, cinemas, etc.

Also, ventilation tasks can be solved by separate units (supply, exhaust or supply-exhaust units). This option is common in buildings with many serviced premises (office centers, administrative buildings, hotels, etc.). The supply unit supplies fresh, pre-treated (purified, heated or cooled) air to the serviced premises through a system of air ducts and air distributors, and the exhaust unit removes the used air. Installations are managed using an automation system. In the “chiller-fan coil” system, the supply units are equipped with water heat exchangers (air coolers/heaters). In freon systems, units are equipped with an evaporator and a compressor-condenser unit for cooling the supply air, and for heating the supply air in the cold season – with a water or electric heater.

Heating or cooling the outside air requires a lot of energy, which is especially felt at high air exchange rates (restaurants, nightclubs, etc.). Therefore, supply and exhaust units with recuperation are often used to save energy resources. In these installations, in winter, the heat of the exhaust air is used to heat the supply air, and in the summer, the cool air removed from the premises cools the warm supply air. This makes it possible to significantly reduce the operating costs of gas and electricity, which are necessary for heating the supply air in the cold period of the year and cooling it in the warm period. Depending on the type, the efficiency of the recuperator reaches 60…70%.

To ensure efficient and reliable operation of our systems, we use only reliable, time-tested equipment with a reliable reputation around the world.

Many years of work experience allows to successfully perform any assigned tasks. At present, complex and responsible projects for the equipment of comfortable air conditioning systems for objects of various purposes have been implemented.

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