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Installation of refrigeration systems

A new approach to the installation of cooling. Recently while in office buildings and apartments in a growing number of people are seeking to install an air conditioning system. However, to set publishing rules without special cooling system is not possible. Such a system is in its design so-called chillers, the main purpose of which is to provide cooling water piping (chilled water on them moved to the central unit air-conditioning), all sorts of stop and control valves, filters, storage tanks, as well as various kinds of intercoolers.

The most popular system is such a cooling, which is located outside of the unit, in addition to its design capacity for axial fans. Despite the apparent complexity of the system, it is, they are a one of the most simple. It is most commonly used ordinary distilled water, but it is increasingly beginning to use other heat transfer fluids with a low freezing point. Such fluids include various kinds of aqueous brines, as well as ethylene glycol.

Moving the heat transfer across the system occurs through the use of the pumping group. In the scheme of the system capacity for the expansion of the membrane tank, which is required for several major goals. First of all, it is used to protect the pumps from different kinds of hydraulic shocks, it also needs to compensate for the change in volume of the coolant. Storage tank is used for thermal inertia of the system was at the highest level, moreover it is necessary to reduce the number of starts and stops the installation.

If you plan to install the system with variable flow of coolant, you have to ensure a regular flow of fluid, which should be done through a heat exchanger cooling unit. The principle of operation of such a cooling unit is as follows: the coolant when heated takes heat from the condenser, and then in the heated state with the help of pumps is sent to the chiller, where it is cooled by a strong flow of air. Then he goes again to the heated area to cool it.

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