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Carefully fault

By purchasing a device for cooling the air in the room, you should think about the possible faults. Failure to comply with the operating conditions can result in destruction of equipment. Also occur moments that affect the operation of the air conditioner, but not directly dependent on the consumer.

The difficulties are due to improper device unit. For example, the failure may occur if the incorrect functioning freon. No time to fully transform into a state of gas, compressor no drops of liquid. This leads to the fact that the compressor can’t work adequately. What are the reasons? There may be many, but the most common is illiterate design of the device.

Significant factor causing damage to the air conditioner, you can call dirty filters. Significantly worsens the heat exchange process, because of what is happening breaking. The second reason can be the activation of the air conditioner in a sub-zero air temperature outside. At these rates thermometer rises threat Incoming liquid refrigerant at the compressor chamber, and it causes damage.

Refrigerant leakage can also be called a factor that contributes to the malfunction of the air conditioner. This is due to improper installation of the freon system. If you notice a decrease in performance and the apparent freezing gas supply valve, check with your service representative.

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